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November 21, 2019: LA MALADROITE score released
Original score for LA MALADROITE will be released digitally by MovieScore Media tomorrow. For samples and purchase links check the project's page. Here is the quote from the composer about this project: “That was a very difficult subject to work on musically and we’ve had a lot of intense discussions about the musical color with Éléonore. She didn’t want any dark or sad music and one of the role of the score was to bring out the fragility and innocence of Stella’s character using a minimal musical approach. Another key in the music was also to provide a musical accompaniment that adds a real tension to the story. The principal theme in La Maladroite is more often orchestrated with a rhythmic ostinato accompaniment to underline that tension. The score is played by 3 pianos and a 26 piece string section that we recorded in Paris." You can also check out first review of the score from John Mansell.

November 09, 2019:LA MALADROITE set for release on November 15th
Éléonore Faucher's LA MALADROITE will debut on November 15th. Check out this article to find out specific channels and air dates and times.

September 09, 2019: JAMAIS SANS TOI, LOUANA
New collaboration between director Yann Samuell and Cyrille Aufort JAMAIS SANS TOI, LOUANA will premiere this evening on TF1. You can check out the trailer below.


July 22, 2019: THE FRIEND score on CD
Long awaited CD version of MovieScore Media's digital album SHORT SCORES 2018 has been finally released by Quartet Records and also includes Cyrille Aufort's score for THE FRIEND. The edition is currently on store-wide 30% sale and can be ordered directly from Quartet Records. While you are at it pick up KNOCK too, while you still can. Only about 50 copies remaining.

March 29, 2019: NEPAL: BEYOND THE CLOUDS score now available
NEPAL: BEYOND THE CLOUDS score is available digitally now. The album runs nearly 32 minutes and also includes two solo cello pieces by Franck Bernedete. You can check samples on Amazon and iTunes, where you can also purchase the album. So far there is no confirmation of the CD version... if anything changes, this post will be updated immediately.

March 20, 2019: NEPAL: BEYOND THE CLOUDS score release coming soon
Movie Score Media just announced release of Cyrille Aufort's score for NEPAL: BEYOND THE CLOUDS. The score will be released digitally on March 29th. If the physical edition will get released later this year will be confirmed then. More details will be added to this post as soon as available.

01. Raj and Shiva (2:24)
02. Beyond the Clouds (3:12)
03. Flower Necklaces (1:23)
04. The Lost Valley (2:12)
05. 9000 Dead, 23000 Injured (1:53)
06. Crash (1:52)
07. Himalayan Friendships (1:52)
08. Cello Solo No. 4 (Franck Bernede) (1:25)
09. The Bridge (1:34)
10. To Each His Own (2:20)
11. The Lark (1:19)
12. The Kites (1:58)
13. The Assault (1:52)
14. Cello Solo No. 2 (Franck Bernede) (1:17)
15. How to Live Well (1:25)
16. Regrets (2:29)
17. Beyond the Clouds Epilogue (1:28)


March 20, 2019: Cyrille Aufort will premiere new concert piece at FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU FILM D'AUBAGNE
Cyrille Aufort is one of the several composers invited to participate in Festival International du Film d'Aubagne's Tribute to Film Music concert on March 22nd at Theatre Comoedia. All the guests were invited to compose an original theme for the tribute concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of the festival. The tickets for the concert are available festival's website . Here is the complete announcement:


Since its creation, the Festival commemorates the mighty couple that form music and cinema. Inseparable for over a century, these two art forms can’t stop cherishing one another, ripping each other apart and reinventing themselves daily. For its 20th anniversary, the Festival offers a concert to commemorate film Music, with a capital M, performed by the musicians of Camerata du Rhône.

This concert has been thought of as a time travelling machine going through film music’s long history, from the creation of the cinematograph to today, punctuated by all of the film scores that haunt our memory and that have given this art form its patent of nobility.

From Saint-Saens to Goldsmith via Williams or Delerue, enjoy once again all these scores that make you dream, smile or shed a tear.  This 20th anniversary wouldn’t be the same without all the prestigious composers that have built the Festival’s history. You will get to discover unheard music by each of the composers that have lead a Master Class in the past and that they have especially created for this concert (Raphaël Imbert, Cyrille Aufort, Charles Papasoff, Pierre Adenot, Bruno Coulais, Gilles Alonzo, Selma Mutal, Jérôme Lemonnier, Jean Michel Bernard, Marc Marder, Stephan Oliva et Stephen Warbeck). These scores composed by pillars of film music will certainly make the younger generation wish to write film scores.



March 16, 2019: LA MALADROITE sessions
Cyrille Aufort is currently recording his score for upcoming LA MALADROITE for director Eleonore Faucher. The sessions take place at Riffx Studios. The movie is a co-production between France Télévisions, LM les Films and Storia Television and is based on the novel by Alexandre Seurat. The film tells a true story about disappearance of a young girl seemingly abused by her parents. LA MALADROITE is expected to be released by France 2 later in 2019.


February 13, 2019: LAURIERS DE L'AUDIOVISUELS 2019
Two days ago Cyrille Aufort won the French award Lauriers De L’Audiovisuel for his score for miniseries NOX. The award ceremony took place at Théâtre Marigny in Paris. You can watch Mr. Aufort's winning speech on Marrie Sabbah Agency's Facebook page. In other news MA MERE, LE CRABE ET MOI will air tonight on France 2. More info is available here .



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