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February 17, 2018: New project announced: NEPAL: BEYOND THE CLOUDS
Cyrille Aufort has been hired to score upcoming documentary NEPAL: BEYOND THE CLOUDS (Népal, par-dela les nuages) for director Éric Valli (Himalaya). The project is currently in post-production and is expected to be released later this year, although no specific release date has been announced. The documentary is narrated by Jacques Gamblin.

December 03, 2017: Major update of the Projects section
Projects page has been updated and now also features details of all released scores including credits, tracklists and samples.

October 21, 2017: KNOCK CD now available
KNOCK score is now available on CD as well from Quartet Records (where you can also listen to numerous samples) as well as most specialized retailers. Visit Discography page for details and to order your copy. Here is an excerpt from the announcement: French composer Cyrille Aufort’s score is anchored by a strong network of themes, driven by Knock’s propulsive motif, full of plans and hopes. While this theme is active and always in motion, the theme for Adele lends a feminine charm to the narrative. It perfectly complements Knock’s restless personality with a childlike wonder recalling the sound of a magical music box. To bring two such wildly different characters together, Aufort introduces a third musical element, something a little more romantic to characterize the mutual attraction between the two protagonists (“Adele and Knock,” “Farewell to Adele”). The odious Lansky (a character who knows the truth about Knock) has his own espionage-flavored melody. The CD package includes a 12-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai, and statements from director Lorraine Lévy and composer Cyrille Aufort.

October 13, 2017: KNOCK score album released
MovieScore Media just released Cyrille Aufort's score for KNOCK. The album is currently available through most digital retailers (see MovieScore Media website for details) and will be also available on CD next week from Quartet Records. Album features roughly 35 minutes of original score .

MMS17017 • KNOCK (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CYRILLE AUFORT
Release date (digital): October 13, 2017
Release date (CD): October 20, 2017 (Quartet Records)


01 Theme from Knock (2:30)
02 Whale Calf (2:55)
03 Adele (1:36)
04 Madame Rémi (2:42)
05 Arrival at Saint-Maurice (1:28)
06 Professor Bernard (1:31)
07 The Age of Medicine (1:04)
08 Student Lacoste (1:55)
09 Adele and Knock (1:18)
10 Consultation (1:36)
11 Waiting Room (1:15)
12 Lansky (2:21)
13 Sanatorium (1:25)
14 Farewell to Adele (2:07)
15 Knock vs Lupus (2:36)
16 Forward! (1:47)
17 Promise Me to Be Happy (3:38)
18 Knock (Reprise) 0:59


August 28, 2017: KNOCK trailer
First trailer for upcoming KNOCK was released a few days ago and you can watch it below. The movie will be released in France on October 18th. MovieScore Media will release the soundtrack album.

June 02, 2017: PAST LIFE score released!
Cyrille Aufort's score for PAST LIFE was released today by MovieScore Media. The album also features source/additional music composed by Avner Dorman and Ella Milch-Sheriff and it is now available as download with limited edition CD coming later this month. Here is a brief quote from the composer: "When Avi and I talked about Past Life, he told me it was a quest for truth of two sisters haunted by a dark secret. That’s why he the score to play with different moods so I started composing with the idea of going from dramatic, romantic and emotional themes to some kind of action music in the archives scene. The main title was composed with the character of Sefi in mind. On the one hand I wanted it to have a lyrical touch and on the other I wanted to add something else, some kind of dark quality to it. That’s what Past Life’s score is, a blend of several musical components that mirrors the feelings of the characters. I really want to thank Joy Rieger for lending her voice to this music." For more information and various purchase links, visit MovieScore Media .

MMS17008 • PAST LIFE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CYRILLE AUFORT
Additional Music Composed by AVNER DORMAN & ELLA MILCH-SHERIFF
Release date (digital): June 2, 2017
Release date (CD): June 23, 2017


01 Past Life Theme 2:51
02 Hishki Hizki (composed by Abraham Caseres) 3:33
03 Katowice 1:37
04 Baruch’s Diary Part 1 2:58
05 Photoshoot 2:18
06 Dance Teacher 1:31
07 Warsaw 3:19

08 The Concert (composed by Avner Dorman) 3:07
09 Baruch’s Diary Part 2 2:05
10 Archives 4:35
11 Zielinski 2:31
12 Sefi’s Letter 1:48
13 Berlin 2:43

14 The Time Will Come (composed by Ella Milch-Sheriff) 3:56
15 Baruch and Agnieszka 2:03
16 Past Life End Credits 2:50

17 Cantique de Jean Racine (composed by Gabriel Fauré) 5:29


March 19, 2017: PAST LIFE first sample from the score
Here is the End Credits piece from Cyrille Aufort's score from Israeli drama PAST LIFE. After being released in its home country and couple festivals earlier this year, the movie is still awaiting its wider release. So far there is no info regarding any release of the score...

March 17, 2017: New project announced: KNOCK
Cyrille Aufort recently recorded his score for upcoming comedy KNOCK at Studio Davout in Paris. The movie is directed by Lorraine Lévy and is based on 1923 satyrícal play of the same name written by Jules Romains. The play follows Dr. Knock who arrives in a rural village Saint-Maurice to take over as the local physician. Unfortunately all villagers are in good health, which makes Knock realize that he has been duped by his predecessor. He therefore decides to make everybody believe they are actually far more sick then they actually are. The movie stars Omar Sy, Ana Girardot, Alex Lutz and Hélene Vincent. So far no release date has been announced. You can check two photos from the sessions. Click on images to load them in full resolution.


February 16, 2017: L'EMPEREUR samples online
Just completed the multimedia section featuring few interviews with the composer as well as showreel covering his officially released music´- including several clips from his most recent score for L'EMPEREUR. More clips coming soon...

February 12, 2017: L'EMPEREUR soundtrack album announced
Soundtrack album for anticipated sequel to MARCH OF THE PENGUINS entitled L'EMPEREUR will be released later this week by Bonne Pioche Music. Soundtrack album should be available as download only release through most of the specialized retailers. You can pre-order and listen to tbe audio samples on Amazon.

01.  L'appel  2:16
02.  Loamok  1:30
03.  Parade amoureuse  2:02
04.  Maman ne revient pas  2:25
05.  1ere marche  2:57
06.  2eme marche  3:07
07.  La creche  2:20
08.  Les pétrels géants  1:40
09.  Le petit empereur  1:31
10.  3eme marche  2:09
11.  Le monde sous-marin  2:02
12.  Les grandes profondeurs  2:04
13.  Dangereux premiers pas  3:17
14.  La séparation  1:23
15.  Le dernier voyage  4:32
16.  Nouveau plumage  2:59
17.  Glissades  2:16
18.  La marche des petits  1:29
19.  C'est donc ça l'océan !  2:16
20.  Les manchots Adélie  1:02
21.  Un nouveau cycle commence  5:07

TT: 50:24

February 12, 2017: PAST LIFE score praised by Variety
Cyrille Aufort score for upcoming drama PAST LIFE has been praised in the film's review recently published by Variety: "Also critical to the film’s affect and deserving kudos are the orignal score by Cyrille Aufort, soundtrack production by Yishai Steckler and sound design by Gil Toren." You can read the whole review here and watch the film's trailer on Youtube. Currently there are no plans for the score album release of any sort.

February 12, 2017: WEBSITE LAUNCHED
Website launched.




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