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release date: 19 November 2019
production company: LM Les Films, Storia Télévision, France Télévisions, BE-FILMS, RTBF 

Directed by Éléonore Faucher

Music Composed and Conducted by Cyrille Aufort
Orchestrated by Cyrille Aufort
Recorded and Mixed by Cecile Coutelier
Music Produced by Cyrille Aufort

Soundtrack Album Edited by Cyrille Aufort & Mikael Carlsson
Executive Album Producer for MovieScore Media Mikael Carlsson

Stella is 6 but she is going to school for the first time. Happy, exuberant (maybe too much) she is a lovely child, but is often absent. Her parents say she is fragile. She tells her teacher, Céline, she fell when asked why she has a few bruises. Is it child abuse or real immune deficiency? The doubt is growing in the mind of those who meet the child. Worried, Céline notes every injury until the day the family moves without telling anyone.





01. Theme from "La maladroite" (1:53)
02. A Year Ago (1:11)
03. The Swimming Pool (1:28)
04. Stella Disappeared (1:24)
05. Changing Schools (2:05)
06. Forensic Medicine (2:51)
07. Ghislain and Stella (1:43)
08. New School Year (2:45)
09. Searching for Stella (3:46)
10. Interrogating the Dubois (1:36)
11. Dirty Hands (1:35)
12. Emma's Audition (1:51)
13. She Told Us (0:52)
14. Last School Year (2:39)

Total Time: 27:41
Availability: Amazon US, Amazon FR, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, iTunes, Spotify







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