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The Crown: Season 4   (2020)
production company: Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Sony Pictures Television
release date: 15 November 2020

Directed by Benjamin Caron, Paul Whittington, Jessica Hobbs & Julian Jarrold
Screenplay Peter Morgan, Jonathan Wilson & Malcolm McGonigle
Series Created by Peter Morgan 

Music Composed by Martin Phipps
Orchestra Conducted by Edward Farmer
Orchestrated by Edward Farmer
Performed by Chamber Orchestra of London
Recorded and Mixed by Olga FitzRoy
Music Editor Lindsay Wright
Additional Programming Matt Bowdler
Music Supervisor Sarah Bridge

Season 4 picks up in 1979 when Charles first meets Diana (Emma Corrin), before launching directly into the '80s, when Charles' and Diana's courtship turned into their marriage, the birth of Prince Harry and Prince William, and their relationship's slow, painful demise.



SONY CLASSICAL (19439815892)

01. War (2:57)
02. Fairytale (4:49)
03. The Diana Effect (2:25)
04. Simple Harp Variation No. 1 (2:35)
05. Voices (3:33)
06. Hereditary (1:45)
07. The Whole Of Me (3:24)
08. Commonwealth (3:53)
09. Fred & Gladys (2:40)
10. Daggers (2:35)
11. Tremulus (2:37)
12. Queen vs PM (5:37)
13. Simple Harp Variation No. 2 (2:32)
14. Your Royal Highness (2:22)

Total time: 43:17
Availability: Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon US, Amazon DE, Spotify, iTunes









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