June 01, 2017 : MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS trailer released
First trailer of Kenneth Branagh's upcoming MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS was just released and you can watch it below. New poster has been also released (click on the image to load it in full resolution). The movie will be released on November 3rd.


May 27, 2017 : THE EMOJI MOVIE soundtrack announced
Sony Classical will release Patrick Doyle's score for upcoming THE EMOJI MOVIE. The album is currently available to pre-order from Amazon UK with expected release date July 28th. The movie will be released on the same day and you can watch the trailer below.

May 07, 2017 : WHISKY GALORE! soundtrack released
Air Edel has released Patrick Doyle's score for british comedy WHISKY GALORE!. The score is available digitally now and you can download from either iTunes or Amazon MP3.

1. Whisky Galore (Dedicated to Sean Scanlon) (1:53)
2. Life Without Whisky (1:30)
3. Lipstick Swing (0:55)
4. Sweetheart Shuffle (1:41)
5. Sergeant’s Homecoming (1:53)
6. The Drought (3:03)
7. Thick Dense Fog (1:03)
8. New York Whisky (2:28)
9. Fifty Thousand Cases (0:45)
10. Odd Surprise (1:49)
11. Midnight Raiding Party (1:34)
12. Gairm Na h-Oidhche (feat. Mairi MacInnes) (3:12)
13. Whisky Down Below (1:42)
14. Starting to Sink (1:46)
15. Hiding the Whisky (2:06)
16. Raise the Alarm (1:41)
17. Free Gratis Jig (1:36)
18. Smuggler’s Shanty (0:57)
19. Macroon Stays Silent (1:23)
20. Silk Stocking Stomp (0:34)
21. The Reitach (1:20)
22. Sláinte (1:28)
23. Cock o’ the North (1:29)
24. Fairy Dance (0:37)
25. The Todday Jig (0:24)
26. Cutter Ahoy (2:10)
27. Officer Arrives (1:26)
28. Customs Search (0:53)
29. To the Cave (4:15)
30. Blocking the Road (1:17)
31. Macdougall’s Jig (1:06)
32. Fear a Bhata (2:18)
33. Mrs. Macleod of Rassey (1:51)

March 07, 2017 : A UNITED KINGDOM soundtrack released
Soundtrack album of A UNITED KINGDOM was released recently by Varese Sarabande Records and is currently available through all outlets - both digital and physical.

1. Seretse And Ruth (4:07)
2. Policy Of Apartheid (1:43)
3. Wedding Interruption (1:33)
4. The Registry Office (3:54)
5. Because Of Us (1:25)
6. Seretse Is Worried (1:43)
7. Let Him Go (2:20)
8. Equality And Justice (1:21)
9. Pula! (2:43)
10. Learning The Language (2:55)
11. Ruth Must Stay (2:57)
12. Five Year Exile (2:13)
13. Seretse In London (1:37)
14. Neladi Kharma (1:25)
15. Ruth Is Pregnant (2:41)
16. Seretse Address es Parliament (2:07)
17. Ruth Is Alone (4:20)
18. Ruth Returns Home (2:09)
19. Permission To Return (3:29)
20. Independence (3:47)
21. The Future (3:14)


Quite a lot of time has passed since the latest update. In the meantime, Patrick Doyle officially signed on to score upcoming MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS for Kenneth Branagh and Varese Sarabande will release his score for A UNITED KINGDOM, which will be released in the U.S. around mid February. The score album should be released around the same time and is up on Amazon (although not available to pre-order yet - keep checking). You can also watch recent interview with Patrick Doyle below:

April 24, 2016 : A UNITED KINGDOM
Patrick Doyle and James Shearman are currently in Prague recording the score for upcoming romantic drama A UNITED KINGDOM for director Amma Asante (Belle). The film tells the story of prince Seretse Khama of Botswana who causes an international stir when he marries a white woman from London in the late 1940s. So far no release date has been confirmed but the movie is expected to be released later this year.


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