Philippe Rombi


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Latest project

July 7th, 2008: Upcoming projects

According to most recent but not confirmed news, Philippe Rombi is attached to two new movies. LA FILLE DE MONACO should be released in France on August 20th, 2008. The next movie is drama UN HOMME ET SON CHIEN, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Max Von Sydow, Tchéky Karyo, Charles Aznavour and Linda Hardy. Un Homme et son Chien should be released in France on February 19th, 2009. The most recent of Philippe Rombi's project BIENVENUE CHES LES CH'TIS will be released on the DVD and Blue Ray on October 29th, 2008.

July 7th, 2008: Website started

Finally I was able to start this long-planned website dedicated to the work of Philippe Rombi. So far there is not very much news available regarding this magnificent composer and I will add a few more sections of this site soon - including links to various interviews, audio samples from all scores available and possibly even a few videos. We'll see what can be found.



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