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Eureka Street  (1999)
production company: Euphoria Films, BBC Northern Ireland, Radio Telefis Éireann
release date: 13 September 1999

Directed by Adrian Shergold
Screenplay Donna Franceschild
Based on Novel by Robert McLiam Wilson

Music Composed by Martin Phipps
Additional Music Ed O'Brien
Orchestra Conducted by Simon Phipps
Performed by Chamber Orchestra of London
Recorded at Angel Studios, London, UK
Recorded by Steve Price
Orchestra Contracted by Darrell Kok & Hilary Skewes

The story of a group of people from Northern Ireland, trying to make their way in life in the face of sectarian and political polarization. Chucky is an overweight 30-year-old who has yet to find a purpose for his life, but when he comes up with a business idea, things begin to change in an almost miraculous manner for him. His friend Jake is an unusually sensitive repossession man, and his life too begins to change when he meets Aoirghe, a woman from the other side of the sectarian divide.




01. Sometimes My People Shine (3:27)
02. Chuckie (1:19)
03. She's Gone (2:05)
04. Jake (1:22)
05. Eureka Street (3:35)
06. Forgive (2:20)
07. 1.2 Million (2:03)
08. 10 Years Of Tranquilisers (3:28)
09. First Tango In Paris (2:00)
10. Oh God, A Riot (3:57)
11. Lasagne Di Lurgan (1:50)
12. Easy To Live Without (1:31)
13. Roche (2:31)
14. Max (1:19)
15. Clocks Forward, Sky Wide (0:46)
16. Plan D (1:31)
17. Not A Mark (2:49)
18. I Have A Dream (2:53)
19. Argos (1:17)
20. My Cat's A Wanker (2:14)

Total time: 44:23
Availability: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon DE









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