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JANUARY 20, 2020:   
Two interviews with Daniel Pemberton from the Golden Globes have been released over the past week. Check them out below to discover more about MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN and his collaboration with Edward Norton. 


JANUARY 17, 2020:   
Atantic Records has released first single for BIRDS OF PREY. "Joke's on You" composed by Daniel Pemberton and Imad Royad and performed by Charlotte Lawrence can be purchased here or you can listen below. Full album will be released in 3 weeks.




JANUARY 10, 2020:   
Atantic Records will release BIRDS OF PREY soundtrack album on February 7th. While it contains songs only, some of those were co-composed and co-produced by Daniel (tracks 5 and 9 at least). Separate score only album is also in the works.


DECEMBER 09, 2019:   
Daniel Pemberton's MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN has been nominated for Golden Globe for Best Original Score. This is Daniel's 3rd nomination after STEVE JOBS and song for GOLD. For all the nominees, check IMDB. The ceremony will take place on January 5th.





NOVEMBER 27, 2019:   
Vinyl edition of DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE has been announced and is available to pre-order from Varese Sarabande. 2LP edition will include selection from the previous 2 Volumes and will be released on February 7th, 2020.

NOVEMBER 03, 2019:   
NPR has published audiointerview with Edward Norton, who is not only discussing his character but also the music. Interview also includes clips from the score. To find out more check this twitter thread. Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANIEL PEMBERTON!


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