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AUGUST 05, 2020:    
Daniel has completed his score for upcoming documentary RISING PHOENIX, which will debut on August 26th on Netflix. The movie reveals more about history and current standing of the Paralympic Games. Soundtrack album (and single) are in the works.

JUNE 30, 2020:    
Soundtrack album from videogame KNIGHTS AND BIKES was just released digitally and can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon . Previously the song 'I Wanna Ride My Bike' has been released as a single and is also available from Amazon or iTunes .





JUNE 22, 2020:    
Daniel is currently recording his score for Aaron Sorkin's THE TRIAL OF CHICAGO 7. The film tells the story of 7 people on trial surrounding the uprising at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Netflix will release the movie on October 16th.

JUNE 17, 2020:    
Daniel was the guest of the latest episode of SCORE: THE PODCAST, hosted by Robert Kraft and Kenny Holmes. You can listen to the interview below (starts at 33:00 approx.). Daniel also recently wrote new article for The Guardian, which you can read online.





APRIL 10, 2020:    
Earlier this week Daniel Pemberton was one of the guests of new episode of Composer Coffee Break series, hosted by Michael Price (and also featuring David Arnold). You can check the video podcast below and learn more about various subjects.

FEBRUARY 29, 2020:    
Recording sessions for ENOLA HOLMES began today in London. The symphonic score is currently being recorded at Air Studios and so far there is still no info regarding film's release date. In the meantime check Interviews section for a couple new articles.





FEBRUARY 14, 2020:   
Score album for BIRDS OF PREY has been finally released today. At the same time Daniel posted several behind the scenes on his twitter page and Collider published new interview with the composer. Also check out the project page for samples.

FEBRUARY 07, 2020:   
While the score album has been slightly delayed and is expected next Friday, official video for 'Joke's on You' co-composed by Daniel has been released. The movie is playing in theatres worldwide, so feel free to post your comments in the Guestbook .



FEBRUARY 01, 2020:   
Only 6 days left until the premiere of BIRDS OF PREY (both movie and the score album). Here is the first track from the score and short interview with Daniel Pemberton from the world premiere, which took place on January 29th.


JANUARY 23, 2020:   
Cover art of the upcoming score only edition of BIRDS OF PREY has been revealed. The CD edition (running time 63 minutes) will be released on February 7th and is already available to pre-order form Amazon . Stay tuned for details soon.





JANUARY 21, 2020:   
MovieScore Media's U.S. distributor Screen Archives Entertainment is currently running sale of MSM CDs, which includes a couple of Daniel Pemberton's albums HEROES AND VILLAINS and THE GAME only for 0,95. Get them before they are gone for good.

JANUARY 20, 2020:   
Two interviews with Daniel Pemberton from the Golden Globes have been released over the past week. Check them out below to discover more about MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN and his collaboration with Edward Norton. 




JANUARY 17, 2020:   
Atantic Records has released first single for BIRDS OF PREY. "Joke's on You" composed by Daniel Pemberton and Imad Royad and performed by Charlotte Lawrence can be purchased here or you can listen below. Full album will be released in 3 weeks.

JANUARY 10, 2020:   
Atantic Records will release BIRDS OF PREY soundtrack album on February 7th. While it contains songs only, some of those were co-composed and co-produced by Daniel (tracks 5 and 9 at least). Separate score only album is also in the works.



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