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MAY 29, 2024:
Daniel attended Krakov Film Music Festival last week and participated in various concerts there. You can check a few clips from youtube including suites from ENOLA HOLMES, SPIDERVERSE and KING ARTHUR. Check Daniel's X for more clips.  


MAY 04, 2024:
Tickets are on sale for SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE Live in Concert tour in both UK and US. To find out more about the venues and to book your tickets, visit its official website  and check THR interview for more details about the project.





MAY 04, 2024:
The 17th edition of the Krakow Film Festival (22-26 May), will celebrate the special concert ‘INTERNATIONAL GALA: INDIVIDUALS’ on May 23rd, with the presence of  Daniel Pemberton, Martin Phipps and Elliot Goldenthal. Tickets are on sale here.

APRIL 08, 2024:     
Daniel Pemberton recorded his score for upcoming FLY ME TO THE MOON this February in London. The film will be released on July 12 and follows a marketing expert hired by the White House to stage a fake moon landing as in case 1968 mission fails.




MARCH 27, 2024:     
Daniel is set to score THE BAD GUYS 2. The film is directed by Pierre Perifel and follows the criminal crew as they are pulled out of retirement to do “one last job” by an all-female squad of criminals. The Bad Guys 2 is set to be released on August 1, 2025.

FEBRUARY 21, 2024:     
Check out latest episode of What's in my Bag?, which feature Daniel going through Amoeba's catalogue and discussing his personal influences and early years or record collecting. Another fun recent interview was published by 90 minutes or less Film Fest.




FEBRUARY 21, 2024:     
After being robbed numerous times, Daniel has won Annie Award for the Best Original Music in the Feature Film category for Spiderverse 2. He has also been awarded Hollywood Music in Media Award as well as CiC Award and Astra Film Award.

JANUARY 14, 2024:     
After recently posted behind the scenes focused on 'Start a Band' track, here is the new one that describes all the elements and Daniel's approach to 'My Name is... Miles Morales' track. Daniel is currently busy co-scoring 4th season of SLOW HORSES.





JANUARY 14, 2024:     
With this year's award season reaching full speed, several interviews with Daniel Pemberton keep getting published. Here is one of the longer ones where Daniel was interviewed by Variety's Jon Burligame for The Dolby Institute Podcast.


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