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UPC: 0 50087 24491 0
Release date: June 19, 2012
TT: 65:43


1. Touch the Sky (by Julie Fowlis) (2:31)
2. Into the Open Air (by Julie Fowlis) (2:41)
3. Learn Me Right (by Birdy, Mumford & Sons) (3:46)

4. Fate and Destiny (4:17)
5. The Games (1:53)
6. I Am Merida (2:23)
7. Remember to Smile (2:17)
8. Merida Rides Away (4:07)
9. The Witch s Cottage (4:26)
            10. Song of Mor du (B. Connolly & Cast) (2:17)

11. Through the Castle (4:34)
12. Legends Are Lessons (4:06)
13. Show Us the Way (3:46)
14. Mum Goes Wild (3:25)
15. In Her Heart (2:36)
16. Noble Maiden Fair (E. Thompson & P. Barker) (2:36)
17. Not Now! (3:34)
18. Get the Key (3:15)
19. We ve Both Changed (5:30)
20. Merida's Home (1:32)


Clearly, ďBraveĒ is very, very Scottish. The animators made a lot of field trips over there to capture
the landís colors, skies and seasons. Very often in the summer youíll have a wet morning. Then the sun
comes out after lunch, and the rest of the day will have the most beautiful white clouds, and lovely sunshine.
So when I saw those wonderful images of the skies, mountains and lochs, it just kindled all of the Celtic
connections in my upbringing. Iím very fascinated by my own culture in terms of its art and music.
Iíve also been strongly attuned to the music of Ireland, as half of my family is Irish. So thereís always
been cross-fertilization between those two countries for me. I also wrote the score to evoke Scotlandís
ancient culture, a Celtic quality that comes across with indigenous instruments like bagpipes and the flute.
I also used instruments from other cultures just to sweeten the sound on occasion and give the score
a contemporary feel. Jim Sullivan came in and provided some incredible homemade drums,
as well as deep drums with big pieces of deer hide, which heíd whack with a wooden mallet to make
these incredible sounds. We even used a washboard. But the score also has very delicate and intimate
moments, along with the big dance pieces and montage sequences that make particular
use of the bagpipes.

Music Composed by Patrick Doyle
Orchestra Conducted by James Shearman
Orchestrated by Patrick Doyle and James Shearman
Music Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra
Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Dudman
Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London
Music Editor Chris Benstead
Music Preparation Colin Rae
Score Produced by Maggie Rodford
Executive Soundtrack Producers Chris Montan


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