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release date: 29 April 2008
production company: M.F.P, France 2

Directed by Élisabeth Rappeneau
Written by Colo Tavernier O'Hagan
Based on the Short Story by  Guy de Maupassant

Music Composed and Conducted by Cyrille Aufort
Orchestrated by Cyrille Aufort
Recorded and Mixed by Hervé Marignac
Music Supervisisor Jean-Pierre Arquié
Music Produced by Cyrille Aufort

"Madame" Julia Tellier, a well-known procuress who runs a whorehouse in Normandy, takes her girls on an outing to her brother's village to attend the first communion of her niece Constance. Her regular patrons are taken aback when they discover the whorehouse is "closed" without explanation that weekend. They finally discover the announcement explaining the reason. Meanwhile, Joseph Rivet, Madame Tellier's brother, is entertaining a more sinister idea far beyond the religious festivity...
"La Maison Tellier" is a story by Guy de Maupassant published in 1881 in a series of stories under the same title. Built around a prostitution theme, it is considered as one of his best realist short stories, after his renowned Boule de Suif. The short story was republished in various publications notably in La Lanterne magazine in February 1889 and in the periodical Gil Blas in October 1892.





01. La maison Tellier, pt. 1 (1:34)
02. La maison Tellier, pt. 2 (1:39)
03. Les bourgeois (1:18)
04. Maison close (1:16)
05. Valse de l'au revoir (0:27)
06. Noces champetres, pt. 1 (1:55)
07. Noces champetres, pt. 2 (1:03)
08. Noces champetres, pt. 3 (0:49)
09. Honfleur, pt. 1 (1:38)
10. Honfleur, pt. 2 (1:29)
11. Les jours heureux (0:51)
12. Un dimanche a la campagne, pt. 1 (1:30)
13. Un dimanche a la campagne, pt. 2 (1:04)
14. Le peintre et son modele, pt. 2 (1:03)
15. Le peintre et son modele, pt. 1 (1:03)
Total Time: 18:39
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