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KNOCK  (2017)
release date: 18 October 2017
production company: Curiosa Films, Moana Films, Mars Films, Venus Productions, France 2 Cinéma,...

Directed by Lorraine Lévy
Written by Lorraine Lévy
Based on the Stage Play by Jules Romains

Music Composed and Conducted by Cyrille Aufort
Performed by Music Booking Orchestra
Solo Violin Performed by Aude-Caulé Lefévre
Orchestrated by Cyrille Aufort
Recorded at Studio Davout, Paris, France
Mixed at The Versus Studio, Paris, France
Recorded and Mixed by Stéphane Reichart
Assistant Engineers Hugo-Alexandre Pernot & Marjolaine Carme
Music Editor Cecile Coutelier
Orchestra Contracted by Enguerran Le Guest & Anne Gravoin
Music Preparation Guy-Paul Romby
Programming Eric Chevalier
Music Supervisor Varda Kakon
Music Produced by Cyrille Aufort

Soundtrack Album Edited by Cyrille Aufort & Mikael Carlsson
Album Mastered by Raphael Jonin
Executive Album Producer for MovieScore Media Mikael Carlsson
Executive Album Producer for Quartet Records José M. Benítez

Doctor Knock is a former thug who has become a doctor and arrives in the small village of Saint-Maurice to make his fortune according to a particular method. It will make the villagers believe that they are not as healthy as they might think. It is thus that he will find in each one an imaginary symptom, or not, and thus will be able to exercise his profession lucratively. Under his seductive looks and after gaining the confidence of the village, Knock is on the verge of achieving his ends. But his past catches up with him and an old acquaintance disrupts the doctor's plans.





01. Theme from Knock (2:30)
02. Whale Calf (2:55)
03. Adele (1:36)
04. Madame Rémi (2:42)
05. Arrival at Saint-Maurice (1:28)
06. Professor Bernard (1:31)
07. The Age of Medicine (1:04)
08. Student Lacoste (1:55)
09. Adele and Knock (1:18)
10. Consultation (1:36)
11. Waiting Room (1:15)
12. Lansky (2:21)
13. Sanatorium (1:25)
14. Farewell to Adele (2:07)
15. Knock vs Lupus (2:36)
16. Forward! (1:47)
17. Promise Me to Be Happy (3:38)
18. Knock (Reprise) (0:59)
Total Time: 34:32
Availability: Quartet Records, Amazon FR, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, iTunes, Spotify, SAE, Intrada, Music Box Records







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