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HELL   (2006)
release date: 1 March 2006
production company: Wy Productions, SND Films, Bolloré Production

Directed by Bruno Chiche
Written by Bruno Chiche & Lolita Pille
Based on the Novel by  Lolita Pille

Music Composed and Conducted by Cyrille Aufort
Performed by Philharmonia Orchestra, London
Orchestrated by Cyrille Aufort
Recorded at Angel Studios, London, UK
Recorded by Steve Price
Additional Recordings at Studios de Meudon & Media Center (Boulogne)
Recorded and Mixed by Hervé Marignac
Music Consultant Edouard Dubois & Alexandre Israel
Music Supervisor Marie Sabbah
Music Produced by Cyrille Aufort

Soundtrack Album Produced by Jean-Christophe Arlon

Featured Soloists:
1st Violin Maya Iwabuchi
Piano Thibaut Hatt

In Paris, Ella, a.k.a. Hell, is a promiscuous and reckless teenager with absent upper class parents that does not study or work and spends her time going to night-clubs, using cocaine and drinking booze with her idle high-society friends. She has recently made an abortion without knowing who the father could be. When she meets the playboy Andrea, they have a torrid and crazy love affair with a tragic ending.





01. Theme de Hell (2:05)
02. L'Avortement (Robert Schumann / Arrangement: Cyrille Aufort) (2:46)
03. La Faux Suicide (1:34)
04. Le Décorateur (1:11)
05. Le Billard (2:31)
06. Projection Privée (1:52)
07. Plaza Hotel (1:33)
08. Le Pari (2:34)
09. Songs My Mother Taught Me (Antonin Dvorak / Arrangement: Cyrille Aufort) (2:48)
10. La Séparation (4:33)
11. L'Accident (5:39)
12. Theme de Hell (reprise) (2:49)
13. Il Etait Un Petit Navire (Sara Forestier) (1:48)
14. Protect Me From What I Want (Placebo) (3:12)
15. Endangered Species (Deep Forest & Beverly Jo Scott) (6:16)
16. Sexy Girl (The Dude) (3:37)
17. Kak Tiebia Zavout (Natacha et Nuits de Princes) (4:42)
18. Rock'n Freak (Maxime Desprez) (0:53)
19. Wild Circus (Maxime Desprez) (1:34)
20. I'm Your Mechanical Man (Jerry Butler) (5:04)
21. This Love Affair (Rufus Wainwright) (3:15)
Total Time: 62:59 (score: 32:24)
Availability: Amazon FR, Amazon UK, Amazon DE







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