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release date: 29 August 2022
production company: Storia Télévision, France Télévisions, Umedia

Directed by Éléonore Faucher

Music Composed and Conducted by Cyrille Aufort
Orchestrated by Cyrille Aufort
Recorded and Mixed by Stéphane Reichart
Recorded at RIFFX Studio, Boulogne-Billancourt
Mixed at Backyard, Paris
Music Editor Cecile Coutelier
Music Preparation Guy-Paul Romby
Music Produced by Cyrille Aufort

Soundtrack Album Produced by Cyrille Aufort
Executive Album Producer Mikael Carlsson

Provence, 1847. The son of a wealthy landowner in the south of France, Jean-Baptiste, loses his mother in a tragic accident. His truculent father, who was always envious of his son and his relationship with his mother, takes a harlot he met a few months earlier as his new bride. Soon after, Jean-Baptiste is falsely accused by his "stepmother" of trying to take advantage of her. In disgust, his father banishes him forever from the family home. Jean-Baptiste's only solution is to live with Blanche, his mother's sister, in the mountains. He makes a living as a traveling salesman of herbal remedies and plants picked on the slopes of Lure Mountain. When he meets Lila, the daughter of a couple of healers and water diviners, it is love at first sight. She bears him a son, who symbolizes for Jean-Baptiste his victory over adversity. For its part, Lila forges a powerful bond with Blanche and her new family. But Jean-Baptiste's happiness is overrun in the tumult of Provence's rebellion against Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte's coup d'état. Disinherited and cursed by his father, Jean-Baptiste realizes he has only one chance of finding peace: he must reconquer his birthright, the home of his ancestors.





01. And the Mountain Will Flourish (2:36)
02. Sothene is Alone (1:59)
03. Meeting Séraphine (3:49)
04. Jean-Baptiste's Journey (3:06)
05. Lila and Jean-Baptiste (2:21)
06. No Hope (1:04)
07. Blanche's House (1:11)
08. Gaspard (1:09)
09. Jean-Baptiste in Jail (1:36)
10. In the Eye of the Storm (2:01)
11. Agathe Marie the Herbalist (1:26)
12. Love Letter (2:17)
13. Barn Fire (2:06)
14. Cholera (1:54)
15. Alexandrine Comes Back (1:52)
16. Sound the Alarm (2:28)
17. Bye Titou (1:23)
18. I Won't Surrender (1:24)
19. The Hanging (1:44)
20. Lila (2:00)
21. Haircut (1:06)
22. Back to the Provencal Farmstead (2:06)

Total Time: 42:38
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